Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Seattle and Snow... Not a Good Mix

Seattleites do a lot of things well. Seattle is the most educated city in the United States. Seattle is also one of the richest cities in the United States. Seattleites can build you a mean computer program. And you can darn well bet that you'll get the best latte you ever had here in Seattle.

Despite being a town of geniuses and entrepreneurs, we Seattleites are complete idiots when it comes to driving in the snow. The last few days we have gotten a rare snow storm here in the Puget Sound, leaving Seattle drivers helpless. Now, I understand that many Seattleites do not have snow tires, and that's OK, given that it almost never snows. I also understand that many folks are driving rear wheel drive cars, and that can be tough. However, there are few common sense things we can do in order to not turn 1-5 and I-405 into an ice-capades show:
  1. Slow down. You can not go 70 on ice. It just doesn't work.

  2. Don't stop on hills. You can't get started again.

  3. Leave the person in front of you allot of room.

  4. Be patient, we'll all get there eventually
So, Seattleites, we're smart, heck we're geniuses, lets beat this winter weather together. Besides, I'm tired of getting made fun of by my friends in Spokane and North Idaho, who think city folk can't drive on snow. Lets prove them wrong.

Photo taken from Monday Night Football coverage of the Green Bay - Seattle Game on Seahawks.com


Right behind you on the highway, in the left lane screaming at you to wake up and move to the right. said...

Jesus! Are you just kidding.. yea your just pulling my leg. I thought there, just for a minute, that you meant it. "..most educated city in the United States." Dead tree branches in the woods rank higher on the ole' IQ scale. "Despite being a town of geniuses and entrepreneurs..." Hey Zeus! Geniuses.. right these are the same idiots on the highway in the left lane doing 45 and blind to all around them. "So, Seattleites, we're smart, heck we're geniuses..." You really must be kidding.. The dead squirrel I saw the other day, beats hands down, any one I have met here.. They won't use salt for 4 days out of 365, but will shut down the economy for 4 days. Geniuses, Right.

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