Monday, October 02, 2006

I applied at Redfin

Alright traditional Realtors, get some clean underwear ready... Today - me, Trevor Donald Smith, John L Scott Realtor applied at.... REDFIN!

I did it. Thats right, I did it. I attached my resume, along with my 3 favorite websites, and my paragraph about how to improve Redfin to an email, typed in the address bar, and hit the send button.

OK, so who knows if I'll get the job, but I thought, "If these guys are this innovative and are pissing off this many traditional Realtors, I have got to give it a shot."

So here is my commission to you, oh faithful readers of my blog (1 person on a good day :) ). Send an email to endorsing my employment for Redfin. Tell them how charming I am. Tell them how I smell nice (after I take a shower). Tell them whatever you want, but tell them I deserve to be a Redfin Real Estate Agent.

I will keep all you reader (notice I didn't say readers) posted on Redfin's response to my Resume.

Have a redfinnian day!

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