Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Multiple Listing Nazis


If you notice I did not use the word "service" in my heading. That is because a particular Multiple Listing "Company" in the Washington area.... dare I call it the "Northwest" area of Washington has now told all agents to remove their logo, and the abbreviation generally accepted as representing Multiple Listing "Companies," from their websites.

It is the author's opinion that this Multiple Listing Company has overstepped its bounds. First, since when does one particular MLS own the rights to the term MLS? Has anyone seen any proof that this term is copyrighted? Secondly the legal bullies at this particular service have demanded, yea threatened, fines, legal action, blah blah blah, if I do not remove their precious terms from my website. Moreover they demanded that to me that I remove the term from another website in which I have no control (www.realestatewebmasters.com). WHAT NERVE!!!

It is the authors opinion that this service is tightening its control out of fear. As websites begin to offer national MLS databases, and Craigslist and Google Base give the consumer more control over Real Estate Listings, the MLS responds by tightening the rules. MARK MY WORDS THIS TIGHTENING OF THE RULES OUT OF FEAR WILL ULTIMATELY MAKE THE TRADITIONAL MLS OBSOLETE!

I don't ususally rant and rave on this blog... but as you can tell... this one miffs me pretty good!

View my website cleansed from the term MLS... Tacoma Real Estate

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