Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Nice Guy Does Win

Something I've noticed as I have gained experience in Real Estate is that the nice guy does win. The Buyers, Sellers, & Realtors who are willing to compromise and be team players usually end up with a successful real estate transaction that is a win, win, win situation (to quote "The Office").

On the other side are the people who insist on playing hardball, thinking that its in their best interest. While this sometimes works if you are dealing with a spineless person, it usually just ticks everyone in the transaction off. I've seen perfectly good real estate deals fall apart over anal retentive personalities, picky pickertons, and just plain nasty people.

Here's the thing, be nice, be pleasant, & compromise. You'll probably end up with a successful real estate transaction.

If you want to hear a funny story about a real estate transaction that fell apart shoot me an email.... I probably shouldn't post it publicly! trevors@johnlscott.com

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