Friday, October 06, 2006

Nine Mile Falls, Washington

Nine Mile Falls... My home. Well, ten years ago it was my home. Nine Mile Falls is located by a falls, 9 miles north of Spokane. Clever name, huh.

As with many people who return to their place of origin, I noticed all the changes. First, a whole raod was blown up by WSDOT. Goodbye Rutter Parkway. Second, little Nine Mile is getting a fast food restaurant. Hello Zips. Third, Jeb's Supermarket (I believe he uses the term "Super" to liberally) got a brand new lime green deli sign. Hello shameless advertising. Finally, and most suprising of all, the gas station, Matt's Service Station & Cenex, now accepts credit cards at the pump. Hello 21st century.

Despite these changes, there were many things that were just like they were in 1996. The high school kids were wearing their football jerseys in preparation for the Homecoming game. My Dad, who owns the local Hardware Store, was taking care of his tomato plant which he calls Oscar. And the checker at Jeb's "super" market carded both me and my wife for beer, because they had just been fined again by the Washington State Liquor Board.

Oh the joys of coming home.

I hope as a REALTOR I can play a small part in helping others establish a home and create memories like these.

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