Thursday, October 05, 2006

A New Direction for Seattle - Tacoma Real Estate

You'll notice in the above blog description, that this blog has changed its focus. Here's why:

  • My previous description was too stuffy and made me sound like a guy who wears a suit and drinks scotch.
  • I know alot about real estate, real estate agents, and real estate law but I am not an expert. I wanted people to know they are getting professional advice but not expert advice.
  • I like to have fun. When I was just focusing on the market and real estate advice, I felt like I had to act like I was in a Federal Reserve Meeting.
  • I love telling stories. I want you to hear all the funny (ha ha) and funny (hmmm?) stories I deal with.
  • I like pissing people off. OK, not really, but I love a healthy debate, especially about the following issues: Real Estate Commissions, Real Estate Agent vs REALTOR, & Online Real Estate Marketing & Brokerages.
  • I didn't follow my description anyway. Since I wasn't meeting up to my blog's description, I decided to lower the standard!


North Fork Real Estate said...

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Chris Pia said...

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