Thursday, October 26, 2006

Introducing Blue Collar Agents

Blue Collar Agents Discount Real Estate Agents

Though this site has been up for a while, I have now finished most of the work required to make it a functional directory. Therefore, I introduce to you Blue Collar Agents Discount Real Estate Agent Directory . It is my goal to make this a comprehensive nationwide directory for Discount Brokers, Discount Agents, Flat Fee Brokers, and Internet Brokers.

As I continue to work on this project you will see The Blue Collar Agents Blog integrated into the site. This blog will focus on the Discount Real Estate industry nationwide, and will include feature stories about directory listings.

Right now Agents may submit a listing for free, or can pay $19.95 for a Premium Listing. Premium Listings include banners on the home page, photo uploads for your listings, and document uploads for listing fliers, among other things. Premium listings will also be featured on the home page for a period of time. Please do not pay to have a Premium Listing right now (Unless you like giving me money!). I will be offering this service for free in the next month or so during a promo blitz. The promo will last at least a few months. For right now, submit a free listing and upgrade during the promo.

I appreciate your support and input regarding this directory. I am hopeful that this will be a valuable resource for real estate consumers.


Elena said...

Good to see you are sharing your goal with the blogging world. I must wish you luck for your work. Keep it up.

Thanks !!!!
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Anonymous said...

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